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Does New York Workers Comp Cover Work-Related Illnesses?

When you’re hurt at work, you might know right away what caused your injuries. You might have been in a car crash, injured by malfunctioning machinery, or hit by falling objects. Unfortunately, a work-related illness might not be so easy to prove. You might not even be sure if New York workers comp covers work-related illnesses. 

Your attorney understands that it can be tough to prove your workers comp claim, which is why we’re focused on helping you get your New York work comp benefits. Reach out for help if you’re struggling to get compensation for your work illness. 

Eligibility for Work-Related Illness Coverage

First, what does workers compensation cover? That might be your first question if you’ve never been injured or made sick on the job. Now, you might struggle to understand what your workers comp covers. 

Luckily, most illnesses caused by work conditions are covered by your workers compensation. If you wouldn’t have contracted the condition unless you were at work, you should be eligible for workers comp benefits for your case.

For example, you might have contracted mesothelioma after working in a factory for years. You wouldn’t have been exposed to asbestos if your job didn’t expose you to the dangerous substance. Because of that, you might be eligible for compensation. 

If you’re not sure your illness counts, talk to your New York workers comp lawyer. They can help you determine whether your illness is related to your job and whether you’re covered. 

Proving Your Illness for New York Work Comp

Even if you think you’re covered, you might find that your work comp provider doesn’t agree. You might have already petitioned for your benefits only to be denied the compensation you need for a recovery. That doesn’t mean you’re out of options, though. 

You might instead focus on proving that your illness was work-related. For example, years of exposure to loud noises may cause hearing loss. If your workers comp insurance company initially denies you, you may need more proof that your hearing loss is work-related. Your doctor may run more tests and provide testimony that your work environment caused the damage. 

Seek Work-Related Illness Benefits with Aid from a New York Lawyer

If you’re suffering through a work-related illness, it can be tough to get back to work. That’s especially true if you don’t have the financial support you need to cover the costs of your recovery and support yourself while you can’t work. Worse, you might be asking if New York workers comp covers work-related illnesses at all. 

At Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC, we know that seeking compensation for an illness isn’t always easy. If you’re putting your energy into your recovery, your lawyer can give you the help you need for your claim, starting with a free consultation. That way, you know what to expect before you file a claim or dispute a denial. 

Reach out to a New York workers comp lawyer if you’re struggling with your claim. We can be found by calling 516-747-8830 or by completing the online form below. 

What Happens in a New York Car Accident Lawsuit?

If you’ve been injured by another driver, it may be time to talk to your lawyer about taking your claim to court. So, what happens in a New York car accident lawsuit? 

Knowing the answer is vital as you prepare for your claim. You’ll need to be ready for your day in court, so speak to your lawyer about the steps to a claim, like the ones below. 

Your Time to File a Lawsuit Will Be Limited

Keep in mind that you don’t have long to file in New York. To get your lawsuit started, you’ll need to file all the appropriate paperwork, which may include information on your injuries, your version of the accident, and what compensation you’re seeking for your claim. 

However, getting started requires acting within the time limit. In New York, you only have a few years at most to file a claim against the responsible party. If you fail to file within that time limit, you could be barred from recovery. 

That means your chances for compensation could be limited. Speak to your lawyer about preparing your car accident lawsuit as soon as possible for your injuries. 

Your Evidence Will Be Examined

One of your other major steps will be gathering evidence. Your car accident lawyer will present this evidence to the judge, who will be the one to decide whether you receive the compensation you need. Because of that, it’s important to gather all the evidence possible for your lawsuit. 

Often, the evidence you need will depend on the type of car crash you suffered. For example, let’s say the other driver hit you on a busy street. There may have been multiple eyewitnesses who can help support your version of events. Other evidence may include camera footage, testimony from expert witnesses, your accident report, and more. 

You May Be Accused of Negligence 

Unfortunately, getting your compensation isn’t as easy as filing your claim and showing what the other party did. You’ll also need to defend your own claim from accusations of carelessness. 

The at-fault party typically doesn’t want to pay for the suffering you’ve experienced. Because of this, they may claim you were partly at fault. Unfortunately, that can hurt your chances for compensation in New York. 

If you don’t fight back, your compensation could be reduced by the amount of fault they find you responsible for. That could leave you with less compensation than you need to recover fully, so speak to your lawyer before you accept fault. 

Talk to a New York Car Crash Attorney about Fighting for You

When you’re hurt because of another driver, a lawsuit in New York can help you seek the full compensation you deserve. When you’re struggling with a claim, you want to do all you can to get the compensation you need for a full recovery, but it’s a challenge on your own. 

That’s why you need to know what happens in a New York car accident lawsuit. If you have questions about the car accident claim process, you may want to speak for free with one of our attorneys. At Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC, we know how difficult a lawsuit can be, which is why we’re focused on helping you with yours. 

If you’re struggling with your lawsuit, speak to a car accident lawyer by calling 516-747-8830 or by completing the online form below.

Everything You Need to Know about Workers Comp in New York

The aftermath of a work accident can make it tough to recover. You’re hurt, but you still need an income. Without it, you might not have the money to eat, let alone to cover your medical bills and other expenses.

You know that you should have workers comp benefits, but you might not know where to start or what to do to get those benefits. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about workers comp in New York right here. This guide can help you get the start you need to file your claim, as well as figure out what a workers comp lawyer can do for your claim.

Your New York Workers Comp Benefits

First, your workers compensation should cover the losses you’ve suffered because of your work injury. For example, you might have suffered a head injury, and now you have trouble focusing and remembering things. You might be completely unable to work for a little while.

In this example, you’d typically receive both medical care benefits and wage replacement. Your injuries should be covered so that you don’t have to worry about your medical bills while you’re trying to focus on recovery.

You’ll also need to seek out wage replacement benefits for your losses. These benefits should cover the loss of income you’re facing after your accident. The amount you’ll receive will depend on factors like whether you’re able to work, how long you’ll be unable to work, and whether your injuries are permanent. Because of this, it’s best to talk to a New York attorney about the worth of your benefits.

Dealing with a Workers Compensation Denial

Knowing what your claim is worth is only a part of the claim process, though. You’ll also need to report your injuries, file your claim, and let the workers comp insurance provider investigate your claim. Usually, they’ll offer you a settlement after reviewing your claim.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many New York workers are denied their workers comp benefits, making it tough to recover from their injuries. If you’re one of those denied workers, you may need a lawyer on your side to fight that denial.

If you believe you’re not getting the benefits you deserve, or if you’re not getting benefits at all, your lawyer can help you appeal before the workers compensation board. The right workers comp attorney can help you gather evidence and argue for the benefits you need for a full recovery.

Contact a New York Attorney about Your Workers Comp

After a work accident, you might be feeling lost and confused. You’re hurt, and you need help getting over your injuries. With the right lawyer on your side, though, you can get quick access to everything you need to know about workers comp in New York.

At Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC, we understand how important your workers comp benefits are. That’s why we’re focused on helping you get them, starting with a free claim review. That way, you know what to expect before we ever get started.

Ready to take the first step with your workers comp claim? Reach out by calling 516-747-8830 or by filling out the online form below.

Steps to Take after Being Injured in an Auto Accident in NY

When you’re first injured in a car crash, it can be traumatizing and tough to know how to react. You’ve been hit by another driver, and you’re not even sure how badly you’re injured. Now, you’re struggling to deal with the aftermath of the wreck.

There are a few steps to take after being injured in an auto accident in New York. These steps can help you make a full recovery, both physically and financially. When another driver leaves you hurting after a car accident, reach out for help and make sure you’re taking the right first steps.

Contact the Authorities

First, you’ll need to contact the police before you do anything else. If someone is injured in an accident, you’re required to notify the police, who will file an accident report. If you fail to contact them, you could face criminal charges in New York.

You may be tempted to contact your insurance company following the auto accident, but it’s often best to contact a car accident attorney first. New York is a no-fault state, which means your insurance company must pay for some of your losses up to a certain point. They’ll also need to report the car accident for their records. But make sure to speak with your New York attorney before you notify them.

Get Medical Attention

Once you’ve contacted the police, it’s best to visit the hospital as soon as possible. Delayed injuries can turn deadly, and you may have suffered from any of the following injuries:

  • Brain trauma
  • Spinal injuries
  • Burns
  • Bone fractures
  • Internal bleeding

Seeking medical care now can also help prove that you were hurt in an auto accident. Waiting to get medical care can give insurance companies an excuse. They may say that your injuries could have been the fault of another incident, since you didn’t report injuries right after the accident.

Because you could be facing potentially deadly injuries and pushback from the insurance companies, it’s best to seek out help now for your losses. Fortunately, your New York auto accident lawyer can help you recover.

Contact Your NY Lawyer after an Auto Accident

If you’re suffering after a serious car crash, you might not be sure where to begin. After your wreck, you’re overwhelmed with all the steps to take after being injured in an auto accident in NY. That’s why we suggest that you don’t seek compensation alone.

Instead, seek help from the lawyers at Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC. We understand how difficult a recovery from a car crash is, but we can help you overcome it. We’ll even begin with a free consultation so you know what to expect from your lawsuit.

To get started with your car crash claim, reach out to your attorney today. Begin with a call to 516-747-8830 or by filling out the online form below.

How Will Comparative Negligence Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

When you’ve been through a serious accident, it’s not just the other person who could be held responsible for the accident. Your part in your injuries may also be in question. As such, you’ll need to ask, “How will comparative negligence affect my personal injury claim?”

Unfortunately, it can have a major impact on your claim. If you’re not prepared to defend your claim and fight back against these accusations, you may struggle to get the compensation you need to recover. You may need to seek the help of an attorney to protect your compensation.

Reduction of Your Compensation

When you’re injured, you’re likely thinking mostly of the negligence of the other person. They may have been especially careless when causing your injuries. However, their defense may not focus solely on disproving your claim. They may also claim that you were partly responsible for the accident.

If you’re found partially to blame for your injuries, you could lose part of your compensation because of New York’s comparative negligence laws. That means your compensation could be significantly reduced if you’re found partly responsible.

For example, as a pedestrian you may have been hit by a distracted driver. You were injured, but you were also on the phone at the time of the injury. They may claim that because you were also distracted, your compensation should be reduced by, say, 20 percent. That means you’ll only receive 80 percent of your full compensation.

You Can Still Recover

If you’ve already been accused of partial responsibility, you may be concerned about getting your compensation at all. You need these funds to recover from serious injuries and mental trauma, so you’ll need to ensure you’ll get compensation at all.

Fortunately, you should eligible for compensation for your injuries, even if they claim you were significantly at fault for the injury. For example, even if the judge finds you 95 percent at fault for the accident, you may be able to recover 5 percent of your compensation.

However, you deserve more compensation for the damages you’ve suffered. If you’re concerned about getting the maximum amount you can seek, contact your Long Island attorney about building a strong defense for your personal injury claim.

Contact a Lawyer to Fight Comparative Negligence Accusations

After a personal injury, you’ll need to focus on protecting your claim from accusations of fault. That may mean seeking out an attorney from Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC who can help you fight back for your compensation. If you’re struggling to fight back for your compensation, your attorney can help.

Contact us if you’re struggling with questions like, “How will comparative negligence affect my personal injury claim?” We can get you started with a free consultation, where we’ll show you how we can help with your case. We’ll review your claim and show you what we can do for you before you sign anything.

When you’re ready, reach out to our attorneys for help understanding comparative negligence. Give us a call at 516-747-8830 or complete the online form below.

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