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Do I Need a Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer? Here’s How to Tell

Did someone injury you through no fault of your own? If the answer is yes, then you may have a chance of filing an injury claim against the party responsible for your damages. Whether you have a broken foot or a fractured rib from a slip-and-fall or motor vehicle accident, you deserve compensation for your losses.

However, before submitting an injury claim, contact a Long Island injury lawyer for experienced help obtaining compensation for your damages. Why do you need an injury attorney to help you file an injury claim against the other party? What value can they bring to your case, and how can you tell if you may need their assistance? Read on for those answers. 

Do You Need Help Building Your Case?

You can’t simply file a Long Island personal injury claim against another party and expect to automatically be awarded compensation. No, you will have to gather the proper evidence to prove fault against the other party. You probably have never done this before, which means you probably don’t know where to begin gathering evidence. You may want the help of an injury lawyer. 

A personal injury lawyer can help you gather crucial evidence such as medical records, property damage, lost wages, and any other damage resulting from your initial injury. Because of their experience, the act of gathering evidence can seem elementary to an injury lawyer. 

If you’re struggling to gather evidence and put together your case, an injury lawyer can help. Even the act of filing your injury claim itself is difficult for someone without legal experience. Because you need all the proper files and details, this aspect can become more complicated than it seems.

Again, with an injury attorney, the act of filing a claim against another party can become a smooth process, and you won’t have to deal with the headaches. We’ll build your claim while you focus on recovery.

Can You Handle The Pressure of a Defense Attorney?

Never forget that obtaining your compensation will not be easy. The defense of the other party will use everything in their power to prevent you from receiving compensation. They will seek to exploit any holes in your injury claim. They will apply pressure against you and use their years of experience against you. 

Of course, this is normal, but are you ready to handle this pressure alone? If your case goes to court and you’re without an injury lawyer on your side, can you handle that atmosphere and make valid points? Naturally, most people do not work well in high-pressure situations such as this.

However, an injury lawyer understands all of the tricks and tactics that a defense attorney may use in your case. Although you may lack the expertise needed to fight for your case, an injury attorney can use their experience to help you obtain compensation for your damages. 

Speak with a Long Island Injury Lawyer

Are you in need of an injury lawyer who can fight for your compensation? Do not hesitate to reach out to an injury attorney at Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC. You can call usx at 516-747-8830, or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Can You Be Terminated When You’re on New York Workers Comp?

If you’ve been injured on the job in Long Island, you may be going through the workers comp claims process. Most employers have workers compensation insurance to protect themselves from liability when an accident occurs. Workers comp insurance also protects employees who get injured at work and provides payment for medical expenses and lost wages during recovery.

Although workers comp insurance is an excellent benefit to have, you may be curious whether your employer can fire you during the time you take away from work to heal from your injuries. Thankfully, there are laws in New York to protect you against job displacement while you’re injured. 

If your employer unlawfully fires you, you can file a claim against them. Alternatively, if your employer lawfully fires you, you can financially protect yourself in other ways. Speaking to a Long Island workers comp lawyer from Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC can be beneficial as you try to sort out your employment situation and avoid financial distress.

The Family Medical Leave Act

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) protects most employees on workers comp in New York. Although the FMLA doesn’t provide pay and benefits, it protects an employee’s right to return to their job within twelve weeks of when they were injured. The FMLA may not cover teachers, clergy, and volunteers in New York.

Situations When Your Termination May Be Illegal 

If you’re on workers comp after an injury and you’re covered by the FMLA, your employer can’t fire you within twelve weeks of your injury. Your employer also can’t fire you after twelve weeks of suffering an injury if they solely based their reason for firing you on the fact that you filed a workers comp claim.

If you were fired because you filed a workers comp claim, then your employer is guilty of discrimination in the form of retaliation, and you can hold them accountable by filing a discrimination claim through your state’s agency or through the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 

Protecting Your Family if You Get Fired Lawfully

It’s lawful for your employer to fire you after you’ve been injured for twelve weeks if they have a justified reason for doing so. If you can’t perform your job duties the way you once did, for example, then your employer may fire you and replace you with someone else. After twelve weeks, your job is no longer protected by the FMLA.

If you’re still on partial disability benefits when you get lawfully fired, it’s possible to receive unemployment benefits in addition to your workers comp. 

Contact a Long Island Workers Comp Attorney

Because workers comp insurance and the laws surrounding wrongful termination can be complex, it may be helpful to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney. Once you know whether you were fired lawfully or not, you can proceed with a claim accordingly. To speak with a Long Island workers comp lawyer from Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC, call 516-747-8830 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a free consultation.

Dangerous Intersections on Long Island

Intersections are often busy with hundreds of vehicle drivers changing speeds, turning, and merging all at once. Pedestrians and bicyclists also use intersections to cross roadways. If intersections aren’t designed to accommodate traffic congestion effectively, or if drivers aren’t paying attention behind the wheel, accidents at intersections can result in significant injuries.

Some intersections in Long Island are more dangerous than others because they’re used more frequently and because they have specific design flaws. Becoming aware of the most dangerous intersections in your area can help you avoid accidents and increase your car safety

If you are injured in a car accident, a Long Island car accident lawyer from Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC can help you recover compensation for any damages you suffer.

New Hyde Park Road and Northern State Parkway

New Hyde Park Road and Northern State Parkway is a confusing intersection where car accidents may occur because drivers headed north on New Hyde Park Road that want to go west on Northern State Parkway must cross traffic when turning left to get to the entrance ramp. This entrance ramp runs next to an exit ramp, which can create chaos between drivers going different directions. 

Old Country Road and Wantagh Parkway

Similar to the intersection at New Hyde Park Road and Northern State Parkway, drivers headed east on Old Country Road who want to go south on Wantagh Parkway must make a left at the intersection and cross traffic to get to the entrance ramp of the parkway. There’s also an exit ramp to Wantagh parkway in the same area, which can cause drivers to get confused and collide with one another. 

Hempstead Turnpike and Wantagh Parkway

Accidents at intersections in Long Island often occur because drivers get confused and go up exit ramps or down the wrong way on one-way streets. A driver wanting to go south on Wantagh Parkway after driving east on Hempstead turnpike must take Bellmore Road to reach the Parkway’s entrance ramp.

Bellmore Road has a stop sign near the entrance ramp, and accidents can occur if a confused or distracted driver turns right at the stop sign and heads into oncoming traffic. 

Round Swamp Road and Northern State Parkway

The entrance and exit ramps of Northern State Parkway off Round Swamp Road are next to one another and divided only by a double yellow line. With a significant change in speed limits between the two roads, accidents can occur on and near these exit and entrance ramps. 

Contact a Long Island Car Accident Attorney

Many of the dangerous intersections in Long Island have a similar pattern. They involve transitions between streets and parkways. Drivers must act quickly and stay aware if they hope to avoid accidents. If you’ve experienced a wreck in Long Island and you believe someone else was at fault, it may be possible to hold them accountable by filing a lawsuit.

A Long Island car accident lawyer from Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC will assess the details of your wreck and work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. To speak with a member of our team and schedule a free consultation, call 516-747-8830 or fill out the contact form below.

How to Handle a Workers Comp Dispute in NY

If you’ve been injured at work, you may expect that your New York workers comp benefits should cover your injuries and losses. However, you might have been denied compensation, or your workers comp benefits may not have covered the full benefits you are eligible for. 

In these cases, you’ll need to know how to handle a workers comp dispute in New York before you head to court. Your workers comp lawyer can be key for getting your full benefits, not just what your employer is willing to offer.

The Hearing Process

First, you’ll need to understand the hearing process and what to expect before you head to court. The workers compensation provider must file a notice of controversy within eighteen days of your disability beginning, or ten days since they were aware of your injuries. 

Your case will be overseen by a judge who will review the details of your case, including evidence that you were injured at work. The judge will also review your employer’s statements. From there, they can determine whether you should receive workers comp benefits for your injuries. 

Gather Evidence for Your Defense 

Before you head into your hearing, make sure you have evidence for your case. Your New York workers comp lawyer can help you gather evidence that you were injured on the job. 

That could include video or photo evidence, eyewitness testimonies, and expert testimony, among other pieces of information. If you believe it may help your workers comp hearing, your lawyer may include it in your case. 

Appealing a Workers Comp Decision

In some cases, you might have already been passed over for your hearing—the judge sided with the workers comp insurance company, and now you’re struggling to recover from your injuries. Fortunately, that’s not the end of your workers comp claim. 

You have thirty days after a decision is reached to appeal the judge’s decision. After that, you and your workers comp lawyer can dispute the decision, which will be submitted for review to the workers compensation board. They’ll decide whether to affirm the judge’s decision, modify the decision, or completely reverse their decision. 

Contact a NY Workers Comp Lawyer on Your Dispute 

If you’ve been injured on the job, you may need workers comp benefits to help you get your benefits and recover. Unfortunately, that’s not always so easy. You might be concerned about how to handle a workers comp dispute in New York so you can recover from your injuries and move on with your life. 

Fortunately, your lawyer from Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC can help. You’re on a tight deadline to get your claim reviewed, and your lawyer can help you act on time. We can even get you started with a free consultation, where you can talk to a lawyer before you make any decisions about your claim. 

When you’re ready to handle your workers comp dispute, reach out for a New York workers comp lawyer by calling 516-747-8830 or by filling out the online contact form below. 

NY Personal Injury Laws You Should Know

When you’ve suffered because someone else was careless, it’s not always easy to get compensation for your losses. You might be inexperienced in personal injury law, which could mean a dismissed claim and no compensation.

There are certain New York personal injury laws you should know before you begin. Fortunately, your attorney can guide you through those laws. If you have questions about your claim and how to pursue compensation, talk to an attorney.

No-Fault Insurance Laws

When you’re hurt in a car accident, your first option for a financial recovery should be your insurance policy. You pay into it for emergencies like this, right? In New York, you should be able to rely on your no-fault insurance policy. 

This insurance law states that, in most cases, your insurance should cover your costs, no matter who’s at fault. Even if you caused the crash, your no-fault insurance should cover you. That gives most people the opportunity to focus on their health. However, if you believe you’re not getting the coverage you should receive, reach out to a New York attorney for guidance.  

Comparative Negligence 

Not all personal injury claims can be solved with no-fault insurance, though. If you need to take your claim to court, you may need to discuss shared fault, or comparative negligence, with your personal injury lawyer. 

In these cases, your compensation will be reduced by the amount of fault you’re found responsible for. If you don’t fight back and avoid taking the blame, your claim could be dismissed. That leaves you without compensation. 

Fortunately, your Long Island personal injury lawyer can help. Your attorney can help you defend yourself and win the compensation you’re qualified for. 

Time Limits for Your Injury Claim

When you’re hurt, though, it’s important to seek out your compensation as quickly as possible. The clock will start ticking on your claim right after the injury, which means you don’t have a lot of time. 

In New York, your time limit will depend on the details of your claim, which your lawyer can review. If you don’t act in that time, your claim will be dismissed, and you’ll be barred from seeking recovery. 

Connect with a NY Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve suffered because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation that covers your suffering and injuries. However, New York’s personal injury laws aren’t always on your side. In some cases, you may find yourself unable to get the compensation you need for your losses. 

If you’re concerned about the New York personal injury laws you should know, you may need to speak to a lawyer from Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC. They can give you the guidance you need for your claim, so you can focus on your physical recovery, not just the complex nature of a civil lawsuit. 

If you’ve been injured, reach out to a lawyer for a free consultation. Call 516-747-8830 or complete the online form below to get started. 

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