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Introduction To Slip And Fall Accidents

Introduction To Slip And Fall Accidents

In New York many slip and fall injuries result from a host of different issues . It is a common occurrence that can often lead to serious injuries including fractures, back injuries, head and neck injuries and even life threatening situations. Generally, a property owner has an obligation to keep their property in a safe condition for those who are on their property. In many situations if the owner has notice or created the dangerous condition they may be held liable if some one is injured on their property and they did not act reasonable in trying to fix the problem or defect. Some common occurrences when a property owner has not acted reasonable may include: Poor lighting, failure to post wet floor signs, stairs and ramps not being up to local and state code, broken or poorly maintained stairs, failure to maintain floors, objects left on floors that cause falls and failure to remove snow and ice. Every case has different issues and circumstances, that is why it's important to consult with an attorney right away if you are injured n one of these accidents.

What To Do After A Fall

If you are involved in a accident it is very important to gather evidence right away. The following should be done after an accident:

Witness Statements: Always try to gather the names of any witness to the accident. Take down the names, phone numbers, and addresses if possible.

Photographs: Many phones have cameras in them, its easy to take of photo of the area where the accident took place as it existed at the time of the accident. Also make sure to take photos of any injuries that you may have sustained including any bruises and cuts.

Accident Reports: Always report an accident to an owner or tenant where the accident has taken place. Ask to speak to a supervisor and try to take a copy of the report with you when you leave.

Examples Of Slip And Fall Accidents

- Uneven Pavement/Cracked sidewalks

- Snow and Ice

-Falls Down Stairs

-Falls in Apartments

-Grocery Store Accidents

-Department Store Accidents

If you or a loved on has suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries. Call our office for a free consultation at any time to discuss your case.

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