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Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Long Island

After an accident one of the first things that will need to be assessed is the level of damage that ensued. Victims may face injuries that are easy to recover from or may prove fatal. One category of injuries that are more serious in nature are referred to as catastrophic. Catastrophic is defined as an extensive disaster or cataclysmic event, and that is just what these situations can be for the victims and their family. As such, our Long Island personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to provide effective legal representation to victims & families of catastrophic accidents.

While not all harm caused from an accident will need immediate medical attention, a catastrophic injury should always be seen by a professional as soon as possible. These injuries can commonly end in a fatality, or for those that do survive it is likely that a full recovery will never be made. This will mean that a victim is left dealing with significant cost for the rest of their lives, on top of the pain and suffering they have already had to endure.

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries

There are different types of catastrophic injuries that occur. An injury in a smaller degree may not be considered catastrophic but once it elevates to a certain level it can become labeled as one. Common forms include a traumatic brain injury, burn, spinal cord injury, birth injury and more. These are incontrollable as they can be suffered in any number of ways and lead to any range of damage. It may be the result of medical malpractice, a severe car accident or taking a hard fall that is the reason behind it.

It is unfortunate that many of these situations are the result of another person's negligence and their error can leave an innocent person dealing with the repercussions for years to come. Injuries such as those to the spinal cord can permanently disable a victim, leaving them with quadriplegia, paraplegia or paralysis, and limiting the functional control they have over their bodies. It can leave them dependent on healthcare workers and family members to care for them. These types of situations are known for affecting not only the victim, but others around them.

Those that deal with a traumatic brain injury can suffer any number of outcomes including their mental capabilities. Some families may find it hard to recognize the person they once knew after they have been changed by an injury that harms their central nervous system. It is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that around 1.7 million individuals suffer a TBI on a yearly basis. It can be the result of a blow to the head or penetration of the skull that is responsible for a person's life being altered.

Those most common recipients are children ages zero to four, teens between 15 to 19 and others 65 or older. Males are also more likely to suffer a TBI above females for all ages. Thousands of these people will require emergency medical treatment for these every year, increasing the cost that is faced. The CDC reported that in 2000, the total cost of TBIs in the country was around $76.5 billion. For those that are involved in a burn accident, they can deal with a first, second, third or fourth degree burn that can cause reddening of the skin or burn all the way down to the bone that requires amputation.

Preparing for the Cost of Treatment

There is often times serious initial treatment that will need to take place. This can be a single or multiple surgeries, and many victims require additional surgeries throughout their lifetime. Rehabilitative treatment is commonly needed to help retrain a person to perform certain functions, or teach them how to carry out these functions in a new manner. Some injured parties will also require adaptations to be made to their home, car or even for themselves, such as the use of a wheel chair. This will only add to the level of expenses that are faced.

Pain may continue on for years and a patient may need medication to help relieve it. When decided whether or not to proceed forward with a case against a liable party it is important to consider the short term and long term affects. Many initial hospital costs can be thousands of dollars, and depending on the extent of injuries the cost over a lifetime can reach into the millions. An attorney from our firm can review your case and help determine a fair amount that you should be owed. We will take into account what costs you may face years from now, or even the loss of an income if you are no longer able to work.

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