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Auto Product Liability Claims

Understanding Auto Product Liability

Manufacturers are responsible for creating products which are not dangerous to the public consuming them. There is a specific type of law that covers this subject and it is called product liability law. False claims about a product, or manufacturing it in such a way that can cause personal injury or property damage, is irresponsible. Product liability law defines certain rights and obligations that protect the consumer from harm. In addition to the manufacturer, the other parties along the supply chain to the consumer are sometimes held liable as well. This would include auto parts manufacturers or suppliers, wholesalers and the dealership where the car was purchased. A Long Island personal injury lawyer from our firm can provide legal counsel to those who have been injured or harmed in car accidents caused by defective and dangerous products.

Proving Liability

One aspect of proving liability is the theory of negligence. In order to prove negligence, the injured party must prove that 1) the plaintiff would not have been injured if the negligence had not occurred, and 2) the manufacturer or seller could have foreseen the risks and done something to prevent them when the dangerous product was manufactured.

The second theory is that of misrepresentation. If the seller or manufacturer made a false claim about a product and as a result of that false claim the plaintiff (consumer) was injured, it is grounds for a product liability lawsuit.

Another theory is related to the warranty or implied warranty of a product and the final, most common, theory is that of strict liability. Under strict liability a manufacturer is liable for defects that occur during the manufacturing process.

Product liability cases can be quite complex and it is important that you are represented by an attorney that is seasoned and has successfully handled cases like this in the past. With 80 years of practice in this type of law, you can be assured that you will be well represented.

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